Behind the brand

Whakamana ngā tāngata, ahakoa kō wai, ahakoa nō hea'

'Uplifting the mana of people no matter who you are or where you come from'

That is the focus behind everything we do within our pakihi. We not only want to create meaningful handcrafted taonga that can be treasured by anyone. But also inspire people to learn, grow and develop. We face challanges and everyday life just like anyone else. Full-time jobs, house work, and also finding time to spend with one another 'normal stuff'. However in the midst of that we both have a desire to learn and better ourselves.

Each taonga that we create is just that. A representation of our development as a couple, as business partners, as individuals but most importantly as Māori. The Taonga and content we create is our unique way of sharing the beauty and authenticity of our culture.

We have three key pou or that underpin our pakihi, and keep us accountable to our 'why' who we are and what we do. The first is Manaakitanga which is the process of showing respect and generosity. How we implement this is by showing care and respect for our customers and all taonga we create. we do this because to us they are more than just 'products' Second is Taiao (Our enviroment is important and plays a huge role in Te Ao Māori. It is our obligation to do everything we can to look after papatuānuku. We do this by being environmentally conscious (where we can). Our final pou is Whānau which is family and is the binding that ties evrything together. They are our driving force, our support system and the ones who keep us aigend to our values.

Our hope is that our stories and experiences can resonate with you and uplift the mana that is held within you. It is up to us to realise our own potential. 

"Dreams without goals are just dreams and ulitmately they fuel dissapiontment. On the road to acheiveing your dreams your must apply displince but more importantly consistancy. Because without commietment you'll never start but without consistancy you'll never finish" (Washington, 2022)

Kia kaha, kia mia, kia manawanui ki runga i o koutou huarahi pai!