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Ōtāne - Rangatira #5

Ōtāne - Rangatira #5

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Wood type: Tawhai
Length: 145cm x 25mm diameter
Binding: Black semi-waxed cord
Feathers: Copper and Green Strung Schlappen Feathers
Finish: Beeswax natural finish

Suitable for whānau who are approx. 6ft tall (based on height). 

What is the significance of Ōtāne?
Ōtāne is a small community located in Central Hawke's Bay. It's where my darling Caleb spent his entire childhood and where his journey began. This collection is a tribute to his roots and a way to pay homage to this special place in Aotearoa. 

If you are interested in learning more around mau rākau, please follow us on Youtube for our tutorials.

What is a koikoi?
For context, a koikoi is traditionally a long spear that is pointed on both ends.

These staff were primarily employed to strike and parry with a two-handed grip, rather then lunging forward using the point alone (Mātāmua, 2013).

Our koikoi are fashioned to depict a taiaha (placement of feathers and binding however not including the ate or flat bladed edge), thus enabling you to feel more familiar when handling a taiaha on your journey.

Ngā mihi,
Caleb and Jackie Kutia

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